Analytics is a must have for SME's

Updated: Aug 23

Analytics & Big Data have often been associated with large corporations. A super power which has resulted in immense growth for these companies.

However, SME's have been slow to adopt this essential technology. There are a number of reasons:

- Lack of financial resources

- Lack of expertise

- Difficulty in integration

- Not seeing in any value in the tech

This has resulted in a booming market for enterprise level analytics solutions but the SME's have been left behind.

However, with the adoption of numerous software tools, services and the increase in online commerce, SME's could be leaving a lot of money on the table by not adopting Data Analytics.

Data Analytics can have immense benefits and assist in making key product, marketing and operational decisions.

The key benefits:

- Identify your most profitable demographics

- See where sales drop off in your flow

- A/B testing

- Spot emerging trends

- Measure CAC & other KPI's

So should you start using analytics? Absolutely.

Don't know where to get started? Leave it to the experts.

At VenturKit, our analytics service is designed for SME's so you can get the full benefits of Data without high investments on staff, training & tools.