Data Roles Explained

The data ecosystem has multiple specialist roles which are required to effectively turn raw Data into useful insights.

Data Engineer:

Develop data architectures.

Make data available for business operations and analysis.

Extract, integrate and organise data from disparate sources.

Clean, transform and prepare data.

Design, store and manage data in data repositories.

(Avg Salary: £47,958)

Data Analyst:

Translates data and numbers into plain language.

Inspect and clean data for deriving insights.

Identify correlations, find patterns and apply statistical methods to analyse and mine data.

Visualise data to interpret and present findings of data analysis.

(Avg Salary: £32,685)

Data Scientist:

Analyse data for actionable insights.

Create predictive models using machine and deep learnings.

(Avg Salary: £46,713)

Business & Business Intelligence Analysts:

They use analyst and scientists work to find the implications of the data on the business.

BI focus on market forces and external influences that shape their business.

Organise and monitor data on different business functions.

Explore data to extract insights and actionable that improve business performance.

(Avg Salary: £42,645)